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"To challenge and inspire an interest, appreciation and understanding of the natural sciences and the Kansas environment thru interscholastic competition."

  Location of the ECO-MEETS for 2014 

Locations of 2014 Kansas Eco-Meets


Hays/Webster -
Sternberg Museum
October 9
Mike Rader
Wilson -
Wilson State Park
October 8
Mike Rader
620-672-0708 or
Ellen Rader  785-658-2465 x200
Salina -
Lakewood Discovery Center
October 2
Bill Gaskill or
Brian Underwood
Milford -
Milford Nature Center
October 1
Pat Silovsky
785-238-5323 or
Chuck Otte  
Lawrence -
Prairie Park
Nature Center

October 20
Marty Birrell
Garden City -
Lee Richardson Zoo
October 16
Mike Rader
620-672-0708 or
Whitney Buchman
Hutchinson -
Dillon Nature Center
October 7
Mary Clark or
Steve Kinser
Wichita -
Great Plains Nature Center
October 14
Jim Mason
316-683-5499 x103
Girard (SE Kansas) -
October 22
Mike Rader
620-672-0708 or
Jenn Rader
Olathe -
Ernie Miller Nature Center
October 29
Bill McGowan
913-764-7759 or
Mike Rader


Ten regional ECO-MEETs are scheduled for 2014.

bulletMilford (Milford Nature Center) - Wednesday, October 1
bulletSalina (Lakewood Discovery Center) - Thursday, October 2
bulletHutchinson (Dillon Nature Center) - Tuesday, October 7
bulletWilson (Wilson Lake) - Wednesday, October 8
bulletHays/Webster (Sternberg Museum) - Thursday, October 9
bulletWichita (Great Plains Nature Center) - Tuesday, October 14
bulletGarden City (Lee Richardson Zoo) - Thursday, October 16
bulletLawrence (Prairie Park Nature Center) - Monday, October 20
bulletSoutheast Kansas (Greenbush) - Wednesday, October 22
bulletOlathe (Ernie Miller Nature Center) - Wednesday, October 29

The 2014 KANSAS STATE ECO-MEET was held on Thursday, November 6.
at Rock Springs 4-H CenterHere are the winners!

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What's an ECO-MEET, you say?
Imagine a competition where knowledge of Kansas' wildlife and plants is the key to success! 
The ECO-MEETs offer a chance for the most naturally-qualified  high school students
to show what they know and win scholarships. 

Participants are tested in four areas:

bulletHabitat -  tests integrated knowledge of specific Kansas habitat types. 
The topic area

for 2015 will be Wetlands/Aquatic.
bulletFocus test -  tests knowledge of one particular group of animals.  For 2015 the focus topic will be Invertebrates.

Both of these
are lab-type tests.

wildlife quiz
Taking the Quiz - photo by Tom Hein

bulletScavenger Hunt - ability to locate and identify various natural objects. 
This part takes place outside and mainly tests the ability to identify native plants.
bulletInterpretation - ability to communicate ideas to an audience.

It's more than a skit and less than a speech,
with elements of both
- and a lot of fun!

Natural foods?! - photo by Tom Hein

Both team and individual effort are recognized by giving college scholarships to
the members of the top three teams and to the top two individuals in the ecosystem and focus tests.
A little background:

The first ECO-MEETS were held by the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
district of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1976. 
ECO-MEETS are still being held there
and the concept has spread to Illinois, Georgia, Maryland and Kansas.

Kansas ECO-MEET History:

bulletThe Kansas ECO-MEETS began in 1991 at the Milford Nature Center near Junction City.  The Milford ECO-MEET draws teams from schools in the adjacent ten-county area.  It became so successful that other areas began having them.
bullet1999 was the first year in Kansas where more than one area had an ECO-MEET.  One was held at Wilson State Park near Russell and one was held at the Great Plains Nature Center in Wichita.  This made it necessary to have a statewide contest to decide who had the best team!
bulletIn 2000, the number of regional ECO-MEETS more than doubled to seven.  In addition to Wichita, Milford and Wilson, new ECO-MEETS were held at Lake Scott, Hays, Hutchinson and Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge.  (This was the only year for the Lake Scott event.)
bulletIn 2001, three new ECO-MEETS were held at Pittsburg, Salina and Pratt, bringing the total to nine.
bulletIn 2002, there were eight regionals ECO-MEETS.
bulletIn 2003, nine regional ECO-MEETS were held as we welcomed Hays back and a new regional at Garden City.
bulletIn 2004, a new ECO-MEET was held in NW Kansas at the Smoky Valley Ranch.
Nine total regional ECO-MEETS were held.
bulletIn 2005, a new ECO-MEET was held in Kansas City at the F.L. Schlagle Library at Wyandotte County Lake.  Eight total regional ECO-MEETS were held.
bulletIn 2006, seven regional ECO-MEETS were held.
bulletIn 2007, seven regional ECO-MEETS were held and we welcomed back the event at Greenbush in Southeast Kansas.
bulletIn 2008, eight regional ECO-MEETS were held, including a new event in Olathe.
bulletIn 2009, eight regional ECO-MEETS were held.
bulletIn 2010-2012, nine regional ECO-MEETS were held, after adding a new event in Lawrence.
bulletIn 2013, eight regional ECO-MEETS were held.
bulletIn 2014, ten regional ECO-MEETS were held.


The sixteenth Kansas statewide ECO-MEET was held at
The Rock Springs 4H Center on November 6, 2014.

Click here to see the winners!

Here are the winners from previous years!

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Questions or comments about the Kansas ECO-MEET website may be directed to: Jim Mason